Wow, was June the longest month in the universe, or what? I guess I shouldn’t complain. With my life rapidly withering away from me faster than the speed of light, I suppose I should be happy when time starts to last until oblivion. What? What do you mean we’re already a week into July? Shhhhh, just look the other way…shhhhhh… Glimmer: 12k Total: 12k Boooo, I was so close to doubling my output from last month! Oknotreally, but STILL. It’s kind of funny, but I can literally feel myself slowing down. It’s like every new novel is a brand new car, and when I first startRead More →

Okay, where did my spring go? No, for real. Is it like that everywhere where springtime lasts for maybe two weeks and then BOOMSUMMER. I don’t mean to complain or anything, BUT MY BRAIN IS MELTING. How am I supposed to get any writing done??? I’ll just be over here scooping up the last of my gray matter and trying not to pass out, thanks. Methinks it’s time to petition the world to let May last forever and make June go away (also, subsequently, taking my birthday along with it, because man am I tired of getting old). Oh well, it was nice while itRead More →

April showers are over, people! April showers! And I am so ready for some May flowers, let me tell you. Because flowers are pretty. And flowers mean BUNNIES. I feel like 2018 is really starting to come into its own, you know? Instead of the sad trickle off of the dumpster-fire that was 2017, it’s starting to leave its mark as its OWN year. And good things too, because boy howdy, do we need a fresh start. Bad things have happened in 2018, but for the first tim,e I feel like real CHANGE is happening. Big changes. Changes way outside the scope of this littleRead More →

SPRING IS HERE!! Do you have any idea how exciting this is? DO YOU??? Call me an old fart, but springtime is my absolute favorite time of year. The aching cold finally goes back down to Winter Hell where it belongs, the days are freakishly long, and the stores are all filled with pastels and baby bunnies. Honestly, what’s NOT to love???? And March finally gave me the longer month I’ve been yearning for! Even though I still need about 2726 extra hours every week, at least this month I’m not feeling QUITE as rushed as I did in January and February. But all inRead More →

Serious question: Where did February go? Let’s be real here people, we all knew February was going to fly by. It always does. And yet somehow, why am I so shocked by this? It’s like even though you KNOW February is a freakishly short month, you go about your days somehow expecting it to feel exactly like every other normal month, and then suddenly it’s the 27th and you’re running around in circles wondering where this swirling vortex of time came from. Seriously. Every year, man. EVERY YEAR. Okay. Enough of that. Let’s get to the monthly torture, shall we? Time to check in andRead More →

I’m back with another year of my Monthly Book Draft Challenge! So, I’ve decided I actually really enjoy keeping track of my writing progress throughout the year, and I’m going to keep it up in 2018. I’ll stick to my same schedule of last year, and check in at the end of every month to see how I did, what I accomplished, and reflect a little bit on what’s going on in my life and how that affected my writing. I definitely feel like the new year is always a good time to clear out your head and try to discard all the negativity, andRead More →

My Writing Challenge for 2017 is coming to an end!! Honestly, I’m so weirdly excited about this. I started this year with a lot of hope and even more hesitation about what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t create a lot of specific goals because I was worried that if I did I would become too overwhelmed and never finished anything. But I like charts and I like being organized, so I started small. In January I began my Monthly Book Draft Challenge, which was really just a way for me to keep track of how many words I’d written with the use of aRead More →

NOVEMBER IS OVER PEOPLE! I don’t think I have ever been quite so happy to have aged another 30 days. Wow. WOW. This month was something else. And by something else, I mean it was probably the best NaNoWriMo I’ve ever had. And if you still don’t know what NaNoWriMo is, then where have you even been? But really, I’m exhausted. I don’t want to get too into it since I’m sure there’ll be a million memes and beautiful questions to answer about how NaNo went (because obviously, you’re dying to know about my novel), so I’m actually going to keep this month’s Book Draft Challenge check-in brief. Don’tRead More →

The end of the year is nigh!! Seriously, what is happening with the world? October is already over, NaNoWriMo is literally lurking right around the corner and then comes the beautiful glittery catastrophe that is December. What? Then it’s over? No more 2017? WHAT IS GOING ON??? Okay, it’s fine. I’m not panicking. Are you panicking. WHOSE PANICKING??? Let’s take a breath. Aside from the fact that October is GONE, that also means I can check in on my Monthly Book Draft Challenge! I had a bit of a major crash last month, but with NaNo coming up I knew I needed to pull myselfRead More →

Oh boy. Are we ready to look at September’s progress? Me neither. Let’s get this over with.   Fairytale: 0 Gingerbread: 6k Ocean’s Daughter: 0 Total: 6k Oh. Well. Huh. (should I remove Fairytale and Gingerbread from the list since they’re done now?) Okay, I mentioned in August I felt like I was starting to slow down, and I definitely feel that’s the case. I’ve never really focused so intently on my writing before, so I think I’m still learning how to balance daily writing with my day-to-day life and this decrease in output was inevitable. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. SoRead More →