It’s time to start making dreams come true. It’s time to start writing The Pixie Chronicles. If you’re here, you can probably relate to my story: you’ve dreamed of being a published author since childhood, yet were always being too afraid to take that final plunge. You weren’t a good enough writer yet. You weren’t old enough. You didn’t have enough experience or knowledge or time. This has been my story for a long time. I’ve watched from the sidelines for many years, always hoping I would reach that perfect place in my life where I finally felt ready to seriously pursue my goal. ToRead More →

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Rebeccah, and I am the author of the The Pixie Chronicles, a series of standalone fairy tale retellings. I created this website as a place to bring together all of my work and this blog specifically to share my writing thoughts and process. My books will be self-published, and I’m excited to share my process with you. At the moment my goal is to update a minimum of once a week. I hope to double that once I get more into the swing of things, and I’m always on the lookout for new and fun writerlyRead More →