So, have you heard I finished my first draft of Fairytale? Because I totally have, in case you were interested and wanted to check it out. Or not, that’s cool too. You do you, boo. But if you were even remotely interested, read on my fine, furry friend, read on. I celebration of my first draft, I wanted to share a small snippet of my novel. But sharing writing is scary. After all, what if it’s awful? Or boring? What if it’s filled with grammar errors and typos? How much do I share? Will people thinking I’m being narcissistic? Whoa. So I turned to the worldRead More →

The first draft of Fairytale is complete!! Yes, you read that correctly. As of August 23rd, 2017 the very first, COMPLETE first draft of my Beauty and the Beast retelling has been finished! It clocked in just a smidge under 60 thousand words, and is the very first novel in my official lineup for The Pixie Chronicles. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I have worked on this novel on and off again for the past 8 months, and have been dreaming about it even longer. It’s my baby. But more than that, it’s my proof to myself that I can actually be aRead More →

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous book cover? To those of you raising your hands in the back, you may sit down now. But honestly, I’ve never met a reader or author who didn’t inexplicably admire and love a beautiful book cover. As authors we want our books to someday sit on the shelves beside those covers, and maybe, dare we hope, even be just as lovely. Book cover design is a skill and an art. Crafting a beautiful cover requires countless hours of editing, practice and time, so it’s no doubt that many high quality covers are worth a pretty penny. While these covers areRead More →

More often than not nowadays, I do a lot of book-browsing online. With Book Reviews Blogs and Goodreads at my fingertips, the need to brows the bookstore shelves for what limited options are available to me just aren’t necessary. But sometimes it just feels good to walk into a bookstore, doesn’t it? Last weekend I decided to drop by our local book shop and take a browse at what they had to offer. As usual I was drawn to the YA section, particular the Fantasy/Sci Fi. I was excited to see a few titles I recognized from online in person, and was hopeful to addRead More →

We’re into the second half of the year, and my writing is definitely feeling it. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the progress for this month. Fairytale: 3k Gingerbread: 7k Ocean’s Daughter: 4k TOTAL: 14k Wow, this was a pretty abysmal month, wasn’t it? I’ve started to realize that I have about a 1 month cap of working on a single project. Any longer than that and my mind starts to go a little haywire and my productivity drops tenfold. So although I told myself I would use July to continue working on Ocean’s Daughter, after about a week of sludging through I realized IRead More →

I’ve never had to rewrite a novel. I’m not saying that to brag either. Honestly, the only reason I’ve never had to rewrite or restart a novel is because I never finished one to the point where I needed to. So, not exactly a big win on my part. But when I started writing seriously back in June, I knew a ton of edits and rewrites were in my future. But as a tried and true outliner, and I never thought I would have to completely scrap a manuscript and start over. Ha. Oh how naive I was. Back in June, I realized I wasn’t makingRead More →

If ever there was a novel that made me want to bash my skull in, this is it. Okay, let’s be clear, I still love this novel. It’s my precious, wonderful brainchild. You know, that precious child with the third eye and purple skin. The one everyone just kind of looks at and goes ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Yeah, it’s that child. Truthfully, I don’t know what really possessed me to try to write a Little Mermaid story this early in the game. If I’m being honest, I’ve never been the hugest fan of the classic Little Mermaid story (or any of it’s various portrayals), probablyRead More →

Do you love the story of Hansel and Gretel? I do. The idea for this novel came to me in a strange, roundabout sort of way. I knew I wanted to write a novel based after the classic Hansel and Gretel tale, but I wanted to switch things around and examine the story from the villains point of view. Turns out, this wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. When I first began plotting this novel, my characters were all switched around. And as I worked, I got the sense they were fighting me. Something wasn’t right. They felt wrong and off, and IRead More →

We have reached the middle of the year! June is officially over people! Okay, yes, I am excited. Let’s have a little moment to reminisce, shall we? I started this monthly writing challenge back in January of this year as a way to challenge myself. I’ve always wanted to write, but for some reason or another it was never the “right time”. But this year I was determined to change all that. I created this challenge as a way to motivate myself, and my graph as a representation of my progress. This is the first time I haven’t thrown in the towel on my writingRead More →

Another month has gone by, so time to check in on my Monthly Book Draft Challenge! I feel like I got into a pretty good groove this month and I’m excited to see the results, so let’s just jump right to it. Fairytale: 15k Gingerbread: 18k Ocean’s Daughter: 0k Total: 33k Wowza! Yes! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Without a doubt, this has been my most productive month yet! 33 thousand beautiful new words, almost double my initial output when I first began this challenge! I’m still aiming to reach the elusive 50k words in a month that NaNoWriMo likes to dangle in frontRead More →