Every time I think I’m done writing terrifying posts I prove myself wrong. I’m going to be incredibly open right now. Like, way more than I’ve been in the past. I’m putting myself completely out there now, and I’m going to be genuine in stating I’m terrified to post this. Problematic books and the issues that surrounded them are huge, and I know that as a half-white, cis American woman there are a lot of things I don’t know. A lot of things I can’t know. I’m terrified of saying the wrong thing, of hurting people or making the situation worse. But as an aspiringRead More →

Ladies, gentleman and all: Today is a glorious day. Yes. It’s here. The day you have all been waiting for. MY COVER REVEAL If you expected me to be even remotely professional about this, then please check yourself because you clearly don’t know where you are. Because I am excited. How excited you ask? I think our Queen RuPaul sums it nicely: I’m so excited I could just spit.  Or how about this. Basically, if I were a dog I’d basically be peeing in full circles all around myself right now. Yeah, sorry for the visual, but I bet you have a pretty good idea asRead More →

What do we want? DIVERSITY! When do we want it? NOW! I know, isn’t my rally chant super original? But hey, it gets the message across, and that’s all you can ask from me at this point. Honestly, you’re lucky I’m still able to string four words together semi-coherently anymore. I feel like I need to rant. And like I need to make a list. And like I need to talk about diversity. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to do all 3! Aren’t I clever? Today’s post is ALL about diversity…but not just general, ‘oh hey, that diversity stuff is cool’, but reallyRead More →

SPRING IS HERE!! Do you have any idea how exciting this is? DO YOU??? Call me an old fart, but springtime is my absolute favorite time of year. The aching cold finally goes back down to Winter Hell where it belongs, the days are freakishly long, and the stores are all filled with pastels and baby bunnies. Honestly, what’s NOT to love???? And March finally gave me the longer month I’ve been yearning for! Even though I still need about 2726 extra hours every week, at least this month I’m not feeling QUITE as rushed as I did in January and February. But all inRead More →

Super quick update today people!! As of March 19th, 2018, my manuscript for Fairytale has been sent off to BETA READERS!!! AAAAAAAAH!!! BE AMAZED!! To say this is exciting is quite possibly the understatement of the century and I don’t need that kind of shade thrown at me so Back. Up. Since the beginning of 2018, the edits for Fairytale have essentially consumed my life. I haven’t worked on much actual writing for any of my other novels, focusing all my efforts on the second, third and fourth draft of my debut novel. As someone who has only ever done light edits before (basically forRead More →

What’s this? A NEW BOOK!?!? Why yes, yes it is, and you should be very excited about it. I’ve been toying with the idea of a Golden Goose retelling for a couple of years now, but every time I went to work on it something always felt off. So I put the general concept on the backburner and let the overall concept simmer for a while. I knew it would come to me when the time was right. WELL THE TIME IS RIGHT PEOPLE. For trying to be an author, I’m pretty terrible at putting into words how flingin’ flangen’ exciting this is when itRead More →

My cover is coming!!!! Alright, so bear with me guys, this post is going to be a little all over the place. To clarify, I am not posting my book cover reveal…YET! I still have a few more weeks left until I get to work with my amazing and talented cover designer. But but but! Stick around anyway! Because I’m going to talk about books! And covers! And really, really interesting things! Truthfully I just want to dance around and sing a little bit because designing the covers for my novels is quite possibly the most fun aspect of creating a book. I mean, afterRead More →

Serious question: Where did February go? Let’s be real here people, we all knew February was going to fly by. It always does. And yet somehow, why am I so shocked by this? It’s like even though you KNOW February is a freakishly short month, you go about your days somehow expecting it to feel exactly like every other normal month, and then suddenly it’s the 27th and you’re running around in circles wondering where this swirling vortex of time came from. Seriously. Every year, man. EVERY YEAR. Okay. Enough of that. Let’s get to the monthly torture, shall we? Time to check in andRead More →

Another difficult post, and this time…it’s personal. I’ve had a lot of false starts on my writing. Like many, it’s something I’ve been passionate about for a very long time, but I never really knew how to turn it into something outside more than just a hobby. I’d try for a few months, get frustrated, and then give up. Rinse and repeat. At the beginning of 2017 I reached a point in my life where decided I had enough. No more wasting my time or waiting around for that bolt of lightning to strike. I had dreams, and it was MY responsibility to make themRead More →

Are we ready to get controversial again? Yeah we are! Because what’s a book blog without delving into a fiery pit of panic and chaos every once in a while? Nothing, I tell you! NOTHING. We’re talking about indie books today, people. More commonly known as self-published books. Or even MORE commonly known as .99 bargain basement books only a mother could love. Oof. There’s a lot to unpack here. Ready? There’s this common idea that indie publishers sent in their sloppy first draft to an agent, got rejected, and in a fit of spite decided to upload it to Amazon with a home-made cover.Read More →