We have reached the halfway point of 2018! Is your mind blown yet? I know mine is. So I like the idea of checking in every so often on my yearly goals to see if I’m on track, what might need adjusting and how I’m feeling about it all as a whole. Last year I didn’t really do this as my goal could be vaguely summed up as WRITE MOAR, but for 2018 I decided to go with a more concrete list. And as we are just about 2 weeks away from July 1st, I thought this the perfect time to give myself a littleRead More →

I’m doing a book review ya’ll!!! I’m so excited and so nervous! My first ever ARC! And my first book review! And my first time reading an ebook! Aaaaaaaah!! I’m growing up so quickly, aren’t you proud of me? To be honest, this is all so extremely intimidating! How do you guys do it!?!?!?? And given the fact that my blog is still so small, I never thought I’d actually get approved for an ARC, but I really wanted to try and push my boundaries, so I hobbled on over to NetGalley and started applying! Imagine my shock when I was actually approved! So hereRead More →

Okay, where did my spring go? No, for real. Is it like that everywhere where springtime lasts for maybe two weeks and then BOOMSUMMER. I don’t mean to complain or anything, BUT MY BRAIN IS MELTING. How am I supposed to get any writing done??? I’ll just be over here scooping up the last of my gray matter and trying not to pass out, thanks. Methinks it’s time to petition the world to let May last forever and make June go away (also, subsequently, taking my birthday along with it, because man am I tired of getting old). Oh well, it was nice while itRead More →

Everybody loves confessions, right? Something about spilling our deepest, darkest secrets always seems to get the excitement buzzing, doesn’t it? I’m not sure what it is, but realizing that other people are just as flawed and screwed up as I am is always so appealing. Or maybe it’s not that serious and we’re just talking books, here. That’s okay too. Well, now it’s my turn to join in the fun. Time to get down and dirty and reveal to you my deepest, darkest, most private EVER Bookish Confessions. I Hate Hardbacks Okay fine, that’s not true. I actually really like hardback books. BUT. What I hateRead More →

BREAKING NEWS: I’m obsessed with fairytales! I know, shocker, right? You would think after twenty(-something) odd years I’d have grown out of this by now, but no. I know most folks are pretty sick of the thousandth rendition of Cinderella and Snow White, but I say BRING ‘EM ON! It’s no secret that Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite fairytale, and authors could write about it till even the cows don’t want to come home anymore and I still wouldn’t get sick of it. But. That is not what we’re going to talk about today. Instead, I’m turning my attention to the still-somewhat-common-but-not-quite-TOO-commonRead More →

You heard it first, folks! I’m on AUTHORTUBE!! Oh happy day, oh happy day!!! Despite the fact that I have never once mentioned Authortube even once on my channel, it’s something I’ve been excited to try out for a really, really, really long time. Up until now I’ve been just a little bit too chicken to try it out, but like all things 2018, this is the year of Taking Chances! Of Trying New Things!  Of Not Being Scared! So here I am with my shiny new channel and you should absolutely so check it out and subscribe. But first, real quick… What is Authortube? AuthortubeRead More →

April showers are over, people! April showers! And I am so ready for some May flowers, let me tell you. Because flowers are pretty. And flowers mean BUNNIES. I feel like 2018 is really starting to come into its own, you know? Instead of the sad trickle off of the dumpster-fire that was 2017, it’s starting to leave its mark as its OWN year. And good things too, because boy howdy, do we need a fresh start. Bad things have happened in 2018, but for the first tim,e I feel like real CHANGE is happening. Big changes. Changes way outside the scope of this littleRead More →

Every time I think I’m done writing terrifying posts I prove myself wrong. I’m going to be incredibly open right now. Like, way more than I’ve been in the past. I’m putting myself completely out there now, and I’m going to be genuine in stating I’m terrified to post this. Problematic books and the issues that surrounded them are huge, and I know that as a half-white, cis American woman there are a lot of things I don’t know. A lot of things I can’t know. I’m terrified of saying the wrong thing, of hurting people or making the situation worse. But as an aspiringRead More →

Ladies, gentleman and all: Today is a glorious day. Yes. It’s here. The day you have all been waiting for. MY COVER REVEAL If you expected me to be even remotely professional about this, then please check yourself because you clearly don’t know where you are. Because I am excited. How excited you ask? I think our Queen RuPaul sums it nicely: I’m so excited I could just spit.  Or how about this. Basically, if I were a dog I’d basically be peeing in full circles all around myself right now. Yeah, sorry for the visual, but I bet you have a pretty good idea asRead More →

What do we want? DIVERSITY! When do we want it? NOW! I know, isn’t my rally chant super original? But hey, it gets the message across, and that’s all you can ask from me at this point. Honestly, you’re lucky I’m still able to string four words together semi-coherently anymore. I feel like I need to rant. And like I need to make a list. And like I need to talk about diversity. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to do all 3! Aren’t I clever? Today’s post is ALL about diversity…but not just general, ‘oh hey, that diversity stuff is cool’, but reallyRead More →