Monthly Book Draft Challenge : June

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : June

Wow, was June the longest month in the universe, or what?

I guess I shouldn’t complain. With my life rapidly withering away from me faster than the speed of light, I suppose I should be happy when time starts to last until oblivion.

What? What do you mean we’re already a week into July? Shhhhh, just look the other way…shhhhhh…

Glimmer: 12k

Total: 12k

Boooo, I was so close to doubling my output from last month! Oknotreally, but STILL. It’s kind of funny, but I can literally feel myself slowing down. It’s like every new novel is a brand new car, and when I first start writing it takes off like a race horse, but the further in I go, the more it starts to feel like one of those cartoon cars, huffing and puffing, and practically falling apart. You know the kind.

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So what happened this month?

  • I failed at updating. Ouch. Trust me, I’m very much aware at how much I’m lagging in creating new posts, answering comments, blog-hopping….everything. And yes, also trust me that I’m VERY VERY SAD ABOUT IT. Honestly, I’m having a pretty difficult time getting my work-life balance in order, as summer is definitely my busy season, and blogging is clearly falling to the wayside. Boo. I refuse to go on official hiatus just yet, but things might be slow around here for a little while longer.
  • I was approved for 2 more ARC’s! I know, that’s peanuts to some of you folks, but seeing as I was just approved for my very first ARC a few weeks ago, this is still mind-blowing to me. I know I’m not reading The Most Anticipated Books Ever, but keep an eye out for my reviews anyway, yeah? One of them in particular sounds super exciting!
  • I’m gearing up for Camp NaNoWriMo! Yes, even though it’s been a virtual ghost town around here, I’m still joining in! I was going to write a whole big post about and then, just…didn’t. Boo. But I’m still very excited! I’ll be finishing up my novel from last year’s NaNoWriMo, and I love this story soooooo much!
  • I bought a house! Like…OFFICIALLY! I got keys and everything! We basically spent the entire month of June in escrow, and can I just say, that’s really freaking stressful? We’re going to spend all of July moving in since we still have the rental house, so hopefully not being so rushed will help relieve some of that stress.
  • It was my birthday! Oh, didn’t you know yours truly was a Gemini?

So! I’m down, but I’m not out yet. I’m in the final stretch in terms of publishing Fairytale, and my life is going in a million different directions and I’m still here.

Just…have patience with me.

Is July a busy month for you or a chill month? Are you participating in Camp NaNo too? HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY MY FELLOW ‘MURICANS! (and you know, happy day to everyone else because ya’ll special and need love too <3 )

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