2018 Goal Check-In

2018 Goal Check-In

We have reached the halfway point of 2018!

Is your mind blown yet? I know mine is.

So I like the idea of checking in every so often on my yearly goals to see if I’m on track, what might need adjusting and how I’m feeling about it all as a whole. Last year I didn’t really do this as my goal could be vaguely summed up as WRITE MOAR, but for 2018 I decided to go with a more concrete list. And as we are just about 2 weeks away from July 1st, I thought this the perfect time to give myself a little check in on my goals for 2018.

SO let’s check in! Let’s see what this crazy year is all about.

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2018 GOALS

 Publish Fairytale

Oh. Didn’t you know? Well, in case you somehow missed it – FAIRYTALE WILL BE PUBLISHED IN AUGUST!!!!

I know, around here, news like that is kind of easy to miss. Honestly though, this was my hugest goal for 2018. Like, if I accomplished absolutely nothing else, I at least have to do this. And I mean….HAVE TO. The publication of Fairytale is starting to turn into something I hadn’t ever really thought it would. It’s all deep and feelsy and emotional, and just a little bit TOO personal at the moment,

 Complete 3 novels

Haha. Hahaha. Ha.

Yeahno. Not going to happen.

For one, I decided to shelf my Little Mermaid retelling, Ocean’s Daughter, for the foreseeable future. But even more important? I VASTLY underestimated how much time would be needed into getting Fairytale off the ground. But it’s like I keep telling myself: I’m not going to half-ass this. And if it consumed every waking moment of my life, then so be it.

Uuuuuh….all that being said, I’m still 100% devoted to completing Crucible this year; and so I don’t completely fall off the wagon. I managed to accomplish 50k of it last year thanks to NaNoWriMo, so I feel like the end is in sight. Maybe 20k more? I can do this!

  Start 1-2 New Novels

This I CAN do! Actually, ahem, this I have ALREADY done. In case you missed it, I started a new novel last month, and I absolutely crushed it. Ha!

Ever since the idea for my Golden Goose retelling popped into my head earlier this year it has been positively begging to be written. And I mean..begging. Have you ever had a novel BEG at you??? It’s not fun, bro. New, shiny, novel ideas are very persistent things.

Anyway, I’m so, SO exciting to be working on something new, and the plan is to start another new novel for NaNoWriMo in November! Of course, I don’t really see myself finishing either of these this year, but hey, I’m just wallowing in shiny-new-novel syndrome for right now. So sue me.

 Post More Discussion Posts

Well…I don’t know, you tell me?

Okay, this month is probably not the best to judge me on cause yowza, I’ve been slacking. In my defense though, I’m an adult and you can’t yell at me. So please be nice.

No, but really, here’s the thing. When I first started this blog one of the major things I wanted to talk about was writing, and not just MY writing, but writing in general. I listed out over a hundred topics I wanted to discuss, most pertaining to writing in some way, but over the past few months and with the introduction of my Youtube channel, I’ve been thinking I should shift this blog to be more book-related. Except…I don’t read as much as ya’ll. I don’t know all the new books, characters, authors, and I feel like I don’t have much to add to all the great discussions already out there. So I admit, I’m struggling.

I still love this blog and blogging in general. But I’ve slowed down a little, and I probably will continue to slow down for the time being while I figure out what the heck I want to do with it. I don’t know. Or maybe I’ll get my act together and everything will be fine.  It’s fine.

  Draw More

Not really book related, and this one is hard to gauge. Some days ALL I WANT is to draw. And it’s like I do nothing else. Then it fizzles out and I’m essentially in a drawing wasteland. Ugh. Still, I’m trying to keep this goal in particular more low-key, because I want drawing to stay as fun and stress-free as possible.

 Read More

Compared to the rest of the book-blogging community? HAHAHA. I hide myself in shame. But just for me? In my own little bubble? Well, I’m up to 17 new books for 2018! Doesn’t sound like much to you? Well I’ve more than doubled my output from last year, so you can see why I’m excited. I’m not looking for huge changes on this front, but I’m definitely trying to intentionally give myself more time to this. It seems to be working so far! I’ll consider this one a win.

You know what? I’m genuinely surprised because I don’t think I’m doing AS bad as I thought I was. Shelfing Ocean’s Daughter really put me in a bit of a panic because it messed a lot with what I had initially planned, but I’m starting to think it’s going to be okay. I might not recover completely, but looking back on it all, maybe it all is working out in it’s own weird sort of way.

Look at me, being so calm and mature about it. Aren’t you proud? Either that, or I’m even lazier than I thought and I’ve completely given up on ever accomplishing anything with my life. I dunno. Let’s see what happens in December.

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Did you create any goals for 2018? Have you started working on them yet? Which goal are you most looking forward to accomplishing? Have you had to change or alter any of them? 


  1. Congrats on all your progress! That so exciting about Fairytale. Comparing your reading progress with the rest of the book community can be so discouraging. I average probably a book a week, but to some people that’s nothing. I’m always astounded at my friends who easily read 100+ books per year in the middle of their crazy lives. I like that you had non-writing/book related goals as well. Way to go to stay balanced!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’m so excited to be nearing publication, sometimes it doesn’t even feel real! 🙂 Oof, a book a week sounds like a ton to me, it’s so strange how being in the book community can alter our perception of what is or isn’t a lot of reading. I guess all we can ask of ourselves is just to read whatever amount makes us happiest and most fulfilled.

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