6 Bookish Confessions

6 Bookish Confessions

Everybody loves confessions, right?

Something about spilling our deepest, darkest secrets always seems to get the excitement buzzing, doesn’t it? I’m not sure what it is, but realizing that other people are just as flawed and screwed up as I am is always so appealing. Or maybe it’s not that serious and we’re just talking books, here. That’s okay too.

Well, now it’s my turn to join in the fun. Time to get down and dirty and reveal to you my deepest, darkest, most private EVER Bookish Confessions.

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I Hate Hardbacks

Okay fine, that’s not true. I actually really like hardback books. BUT. What I hate is when a book is available ONLY in hardback! Aaaaaaaah! You’re not fooling me, publishers! I KNOW you always put your most hyped releases out only in hardback, essentially forcing me to pay double to get in on the glory. No. NOOOOOO. No. Nononononono. I won’t do it. I will sit on my money like an ornery child and wait however long necessary for that softback to come out. Or until the hardback is severely reduced in price. Because forcing people to pay more by only giving them one option is rude.

Ugly Covers > Good Book

I’m shallow, we know this. How shallow? I won’t look into a book, even if it’s actual content is being praised from the rooftops, if I think the cover is ugly. Case in point, anything by V.E. Schwab. I know. I KNOW. But I just really, really, REALLY dislike the color red, okay you guys? And the stark black and white contrasts always make me think Adult Thriller, which I am just not a fan of. Trust me, I realize I am missing out on something amazing. It’s also why I have a ton beautiful, yet truly awful, books on my shelf. Someday I’ll get over it, because, despite how it may sound, I really DO want to read some of these books. It’s just so difficult when my very limited book money can go toward something so much prettier…

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I’m A Slow Reader

Ya’ll want to know how many books I put on my Goodreads Challenge this year? I’m honestly a little afraid to even mention it since I’m pretty sure I’ll lose all credibility as a Real Reader. But whatevs, man. You can’t bring me down.


I put 10 books on my Goodreads Challenge. Now, granted, I’ve already surpassed that number. BUT, the point is to show my mindset at the time of when I chose my number, because at the time I really had no idea how things would go and I didn’t want just one more thing to stress out about. I suppose as far as actual reading speed goes, I’m fairly average. I can finish an interesting YA book in 2-4 days, depending on length. But I’m not the kind of person who can finish one book and immediately jump into another. I just have too many other things I need and want to DO that take up my time. Thus, I don’t read nearly as many books as other bloggers do.

I Lose Bookmarks

I know, might not sound like much of a confession, but I really have to get this one off my chest, guys. Because the truth is I LOVE bookmarks! There are soooo many different types out there, and some of them are really beautiful or adorable! I mean, someday I’d like to create bookmarks for my own series! But…I lose them. Like, way too easily, and it’s really quite pathetic. So as gorgeous and lovely as some bookmarks are, I always pine over them from afar, force myself to pass them by and use whatever random receipt is floating around my purse instead.

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Love Triangle < Instalove

You guys remember that horribly stressful Tag Cait did a few days ago? Yeah, that one. I realized I’m in the vast minority in that I actually prefer Instalove to Love Triangles. And not just when someone is holding a knife to my neck and forcing me to choose. Like, for the most part, I don’t much have TOO much of a problem with them. Would I prefer a more realistic, slow burn romance? Yes. Yes, I would. But when we all KNOW the romance is going to happen anyway, I’d rather we just get right to it, as opposed to a horribly long, drawn out ‘Who should I choooooooose?’ sub-plot, a la Love Triangles.

My Bookshelf Is Shameful

Real confession: Up until about 3 months ago, I didn’t even OWN a bookshelf. Yeah. At least not a fiction bookshelf. Instead, I had one in my craft room filled completely with writing-sewing-drawing reference books. All of my actual genre books? Stuffed in a box. Or stacked my nightstand. I’m pretty sure one or two even made it under the bed at one point. And now that I have a bookshelf, it’s honestly not much better. You know all those pretty shelves all over bookstagram with the overflowing, color-coordinated shelves, so beautiful and drool-worthy? Yeah, take the exact OPPOSITE of that and you’ll have my shelf. The truth is, if I don’t 4-Star a book/series, I have a really difficult time justifying keeping it around. And apparently, I’m difficult to please because, at the moment, I think I have maybe…2 series that I’m actually serious about keeping. It’s bad.

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So now you know. Has your illusions of me just been positively shattered? Well, what can I say, we’re all human. Ish.

Still, I hope none of these were too horrendous to bear. I know I’ve bared my soul a few times before on my blog, but phew! This was something else, you know? And since I’m a glutton for punishment there may be a Round 2 in the works later on down the road. Apparently I have a lot to confess.

Do you have your own bookish secrets to share? What’s the worst confession you’ve ever heard. Am I the only one who feels this strongly about hardbacks??


  1. I totally understand how you feel about the yearly reading goal. I’m reading more now but when I first started blogging I was reading 40-50 books a year and thinking it was a LOT, and then realize many bloggers read HUNDREDS a year. I think though that it shouldn’t impact your credibility as a blogger- plus it would be a pain to have to review 200 books a year!

    1. Author

      Wow, 40-50 books to me IS a lot! But I definitely know what you mean, I follow a few bloggers who read a couple hundred books a year and that’s totally fantastic, but I think sometimes the community needs to calm down in thinking that’s how many books you HAVE to read to be considered a true book lover. Blah.

  2. I’m working on clearing out my bookshelves, actually. I’m a habit rereader, but there’s a point where I have to ask myself if they’re there because I love them, or because I’m hoarding them. I donated 7 books to my library today and it felt so good to say goodbye!

    I agree with the hardback thing. I like them, but I don’t like that they are quite so expensive. Most my hardbacks come secondhand, just because of that.

    1. Author

      Yes! It’s so weird because there are some things that I just absolutely hoard and never want to get rid of even if I hardly use them, but for some reason books are just not one of those things. I think it’s because the more I get rid of, the more new ones I get to bring home! It is quite therapeutic to donate old books you know you’re never going to reread again though 🙂

  3. My confession classifies me as not a “real” reader — I prefer ebooks. I have bad wrists, tendon issues in my hands, and garbage eyes. Ebooks are easier to read. I am also a shallow cover-ho. It’s hard for me to int to read a book with an ugly cover. Since we moved, and I lost my floor to ceiling shelves that were in my basement, my books have sat in stacks on my floor. I just haven’t found the right shelf.

    1. Author

      Whaaaaat? Since when are ebooks not real books How ridiculous! You’re DEFINITELY a real reader in my book (get it? In my BOOK? Haha…) And I’m glad I’m not the only one who is shallow when it comes to book covers, I just can’t help it! I want my collection to look pretty 😉

  4. Honestly hardcover books are so hard to actually read comfortably! Like- I have seen some hardcovers and paperbacks for the exact same price and still went with the paperback because I actually like my hands and wrists. I am chuckling over the ugly covers too- but I feel you (and there is way too much red in Schwabland). I really don’t think that it should matter how many books we read- like someone will ALWAYS read more, right? I saw someone who claims to have already read 400 books SO FAR this year and my mind is blown, but I don’t have that kind of time (or desire, tbh- I’d rather do other stuff, too!) so I think we all probably fall somewhere in the middle of the book-count-continuum. You are on your own with the instalove though 😀

    1. Author

      Holy smokes, 400 books in less than half a year! I envy their dedication! That definitely goes to show how true that is…some of my favorite bloggers read upwards of 200 books a year, and I can’t even imagine squeezing out the time for that. So I’m trying to stay focused on what I CAN do and just be happy with my own accomplishments, after a while it gets tiring turning all my hobbies into contests 🙂 Haha, and instalove isn’t TOO much of my favorite, I’d just rather taken it over that dreaded love triangle!

  5. Yes, I hate when pubs only sell HC and charge so much more for it! I cannot afford that!

    But what?! You dislike red?! And the red/black/white combo?! This is blasphemy! 😛

    If you don’t want to keep books you didn’t love, no need to stress over that. That just means you have lots of books to donate to other people who will enjoy them 🙂

    1. Author

      Haha, I’ve always had this weird knee jerk reaction to red, and I remember the first time I saw Schwab’s covers I practically avoided their blurbs altogether because I didn’t want anything to do with them! Luckily I’ve gotten better about that 😉 And you’re right! My town JUST opened one of those Little Free Libraries and I’m so excited to donate!!

  6. GIRL I TOTALLY RELATE TO SO MANY OF THESE!!!! Okay, I do still read books with ugly covers, so it’s more the other way around for me: Even if a book’s known to be really crappy, but it has a pretty cover, I WILL MOST PROBABLY BUY IT. WHICH IS NOT GOOD FOR MY BANK ACCOUNT! I’m also a slow reader for the same reason! I CAN finish a book in 1-3 days, but I like doing stuff in between, you know? I can’t just read and read and read–I need to move around, take a walk and all that jazz. And I am HORRIBLE at keeping bookmarks. All those pretty ones I got as birthday gifts? Gone. All the free ones you get with Book Depository orders? Not here. 😀 My shelves are horribly unorganized, mostly because I’m lazy. c:

    1. Author

      Haha. Omg, I do that too!! I have SO MANY books with girls wearing gorgeous ballgowns and pretty pastels and all these things…which I haven’t even ready because apparently most of them are terrible. Oops. Why must they be so pretty? 🙁 We should definitely make a club for us mortals with messy shelves filled with unread books because we’re slow readers. I’m sure we’d have more members than we think!

  7. I’m a snail-reader too. 🐌 I have to wait 2-3 days before I can jump into yet another adventure unless it’s a sequel. I also don’t have infinite focus points, so. 😅 BUT! that we read thousands of books a day or one every blue moon if we love books, we are bookworms!

    1. Author

      Yes!! I adore that, all that’s required to be a bookworm is to love books! And hey, sometimes snails can be pretty cute too 😉

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