I’m on Authortube!

I’m on Authortube!

You heard it first, folks! I’m on AUTHORTUBE!!

Oh happy day, oh happy day!!!

Despite the fact that I have never once mentioned Authortube even once on my channel, it’s something I’ve been excited to try out for a really, really, really long time. Up until now I’ve been just a little bit too chicken to try it out, but like all things 2018, this is the year of Taking Chances! Of Trying New Things!  Of Not Being Scared! So here I am with my shiny new channel and you should absolutely so check it out and subscribe.

But first, real quick…

What is Authortube?

Authortube is a sub-set of Youtubers with an emphasis on writing and aspiring authors. The platform is dedicated to discussing writing techniques, tips, personal projects and connecting with other writers. Any genre, style and focus is welcome!

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Yes, I’m an awkward turtle. No, I’m not that great at video editing. And yes, that’s okay! But it’s like I always say, we’re all here to learn! (I’ve said that before, right?) So are you excited? I’M EXCITED! Let’s break it down some more, shall we?


I’m going to keep blogging! As if you could ever pry my perfectly manicured hands away from my blog and adoring fans (that’s you). I LOVE blogging! And I think what I’d like to do is start focusing my blogging more on actual books and things pertaining to the book community, and keep my more writing centered stuff on my Authortube channel. Of course, I’ll still post my Monthly Writing Challenge recap every month and I’ll probably still post a few things here and there about my books (because, hello, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW AWESOME THEY ARE???), but I’m going to try a bit more and create a more centralized theme for each space.


I have NO CLUE WHAT I’M DOING. I have tried creating Youtube videos….oh, half a dozen times before? Never about books or writing, and it’s always been a HUGE MESS. Who am I kidding, it probably still is a huge mess, but at least I’m trying! And as a quick aside to this…YES I AM TERRIFIED. Honestly, this is scary guys. Sorry I’m not a model.


I am totally up for suggestions! I want suggestions! Please, please…please give me suggestions? Truthfully, it’s difficult to talk about yourself on camera without making it seem like…well, all you’re doing is talking about yourself. I do have a very meager instagram account and essentially no social presence on Twitter or Tumblr, so I am still struggling to connect with an audience and provide content you guys actually WANT. Otherwise I’m just going to keep doing the same junk over and over again because apparently I like running around in circles and never getting anyway. You want to discuss something? Then let’s discuss!


I don’t wear extensions. My hair is just naturally that gorgeous 😉


I would love to do collab videos!! If you have an authortube channel or a booktube channel and you’d like to do a collaboration together, please don’t be shy and drop me a line!! I know I’m just a teeny, tiny, minuscule tadpole in an enormous ocean, so I can’t promise a ton of attention, but hey, every little bit helps right? Or should I say, every little bit helps ME, and who doesn’t want to help me?

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So scuttle your little butts on over to Youtube and join me! Subscribe! Share your own Youtube channels! Comment! ANYTHING! Honestly, I need attention or I’ll whither up and fade away, and that’s no good for anybody.  This is a pretty big new step for me, so please have patience while I wade these waters and try and fit it into my already overwhelming schedule.

Lets Chat

Do you have your own Authortube or Booktube channel? Any channels you want to share that I should check out? Any topics or ideas you think I should discuss? 




  1. You are absolutely gorgeous, Rebeccah! I’m so excited for you!!! ♥ I don’t subscribe to a lot of YouTubers in general, since I know if I get into one channel, I’ll binge all of the videos and never leave YouTube… Which is definitely not good for my deteriorating eyesight. xD BUUUUT I LOVE YOUR VOICE. AND YOUR HAIR. High five for having another bangs buddy! 😉

    1. Author

      Omg, haha, you are just the sweetest! Trust me, after I discovered Authortube and Booktube I spent waaaaaaay too long watching videos, so I totally get what you mean! And yay for bang buddies! Although my cowlick always makes them look crooked -sob- I swear they were straight when I left the salon!

  2. I had no idea authortube existed until just now, so thank you for that. It has to be such a wonderful and inspiring community, I hope you’ll have tons of fun making videos and in these new adventures! 😀
    Also, you look so gorgeous 🙂 x

    1. Author

      I know, right? But once I discovered it I became sooooo addicted! I never said I wasn’t easily swept away by new things, haha.
      And thank you! You’re too sweet 🙂

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