Fairytale Cover Reveal

Fairytale Cover Reveal

Ladies, gentleman and all: Today is a glorious day.

Yes. It’s here. The day you have all been waiting for.


If you expected me to be even remotely professional about this, then please check yourself because you clearly don’t know where you are. Because I am excited. How excited you ask? I think our Queen RuPaul sums it nicely: I’m so excited I could just spit.  Or how about this. Basically, if I were a dog I’d basically be peeing in full circles all around myself right now. Yeah, sorry for the visual, but I bet you have a pretty good idea as to JUST how excited I am, right? RIGHT!?!???

I have to warn you, in just a few seconds (no peeking!) you will be blinded with beauty, overcome with emotion, and may even turn to gold out of the sheer awesomeness of this cover. But fear not. Soon it will pass and leave you with a much more subdued, everlasting happiness in knowing you bore witness to such a spectacular masterpiece. I know. I can’t really believe it either.

Are you ready for it? Are you sitting down? Have you gathered friends, family and strangers off the street to join you? Good. Remember to breathe.

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 How far would you go to change your fate?

Nineteen-year-old Killian dreads his upcoming engagement. As the Crown Prince of Astrocia, his last few days of freedom are rapidly coming to an end as the worldwide Peace Ball approaches. He yearns for an escape, though he never expects to find it in the alluring gaze of a mysterious Duke.
Determined to strike his own path, Killian is willing to do just about anything to escape the restraints of marriage—even make a deal with a fairy. With the gift of an enchanted rose, Killian finally holds the power to seize control over his own life and change it forever. But all magic comes at a price, and the cost of his heart’s desire proves to be more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Release Date: August 2018

Artist: Natasha Snow

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Hello, mere mortal? Don’t worry, you can stop looking for a moment, it will still be there when you scroll back up. I promise.

To be real guys, if it isn’t obvious, I’m completely in love with my cover. It’s more than I could have hoped for, and my cover artist is truly some type of other-worldly magician. I’m so proud to have my name on such a beautiful piece of artwork, and it’s sort of like watching a dream unfold as all the pieces for my debut novel slowly weave together. I look at this cover and I think…This is it. 

Happy Friday the 13th!

There’s really only one thing I can ask: DO YOU LOVE IT???????


  1. The smoky watercolor effect and the light winking out of the title’s lettering speak to me, man. Congrats on a book baby face to love. ^o^

    1. Author

      Right??? I LOVE the watercolor look! <3 Thank you! I absolutely adore it!

    1. Author

      That makes me SO happy to hear! I definitely wanted to give it the right vibe <3

  2. WOW this is such amazing news, I really love that cover and especially love the font for the title!! CONGRATULATIONS!! SO EXCITING AHHHH. I am screaming for you right now. I really love that synopsis.

    1. Author

      THANK YOU!!! Trust me, I’ve been screaming just a LITTLE too much over this too 😉 And isn’t that font gorgeous?? We changed a lot from the initial design, but the font always stuck it through haha.

  3. The cover looks gorgeous! I’m loving the whimsical feeling it gives off. And the synopsis sounds amazing! I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this one when it comes out in August 😉

    1. Author

      Aaah! You’re so sweet! Thank you! I honestly can’t believe that’s all starting to feel REAL. I can literally see all the pieces coming together and it still feels like a dream <3

  4. THIS IS SO SO PRETTY AHHHH! (Also whaa how did I miss this post till now?!) I love the smoky whimsical look and those purples. 😍😍I’m sure you’re super proud eeeep!!

    1. Author

      PROUDER THAN A GROUP OF LIONS! (sssh, we’ll pretend that works) Thank you!! I love it so much, I think my tiny Grinch-heart grew like three sizes the first time I saw it <3

    1. Author

      THANK YOU!! Aaaah, you’re so sweet, I literally swoon every time I look at my cover haha. I’m so excited to see it in actual paperback form!

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