Monthly Book Draft Challenge : March

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : March

SPRING IS HERE!! Do you have any idea how exciting this is? DO YOU???

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Call me an old fart, but springtime is my absolute favorite time of year. The aching cold finally goes back down to Winter Hell where it belongs, the days are freakishly long, and the stores are all filled with pastels and baby bunnies. Honestly, what’s NOT to love???? And March finally gave me the longer month I’ve been yearning for! Even though I still need about 2726 extra hours every week, at least this month I’m not feeling QUITE as rushed as I did in January and February.

But all in all, it was still a pretty busy month. I’m trying to be a little more forgiving of myself if I find myself slipping a bit on my goals. I think might have been a little too strict on what I needed to accomplish this year, and instead of focusing on all the things I have achieved so far, all I’m doing is kicking myself over the things I haven’t. That’s no good. So let’s take it easy for a while, a little self-forgiveness goes a long way. Time to check in.

Fairytale: 4k
Fairytale Edits: 100%
Spellbound: 6k

Total: 10k

How about we break this down…

So what happened this month?

  • I FINISHED THE EDITS ON FAIRYTALE!!! And, and, and I SENT IT OUT TO BETA READERS!!! And, and, and I STARTED WORKING WITH MY COVER DESIGNER. If you’ve popped your nose into my blog at all over these past few weeks this is probably all old news to you, but those who don’t know…MY BOOK IS BECOMING REAL!! Please join me in screaming it at the top of your lungs. It feels great.
  • I DIDN’T get to blog-hop at all. Boo. Okay, I did some, but guys, this makes me so sad. I love blog-hopping! But I was just too busy…so busy. Crazy busy. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???
  • My whole family (ie parents and siblings) took a snow trip! And this is a big deal for me because I do NOT have the best track record when it comes to snow trips. Last time we visited a few years ago I compressed my tailbone in a sledding incident and had to wear a back-brace for 6 months. Also, my first time staying overnight in a hospital! So let me tell you, I was pretty damn terrified for this trip. Lo and behold, I survived! Be proud of me.
  • I’m really starting to doubt and question my goals and the ultimate direction for this blog.

I debated whether or not I wanted to include that last bit, but I felt like I needed to. I feel like I’m really lagging in terms of posting discussion posts, and I’m really struggling with understanding where I fit in the book community as I don’t review books or read as fast as others do. I don’t feel like a proper Book Blog, but I’m dying to discuss books in general in a way that doesn’t make this feel strictly like an Author Blog either. Also, I’ve been having a lot of fun watching a lot of AuthorTube videos lately, and wondering if I should dip my toe in. I don’t know. I’ll probably write a post on how I’m feeling, though I already know that ultimately there’s no way I’m ever going to 100% abandon this blog. I poured a lot of work into building this website and it’s very precious to me! I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

So yeah. Deep stuff, man. Deep stuff.

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Are you excited for springtime? Does your schedule change? Have you ever had a terrifying, near-death experience in the snow? ARE YOU EXCITED FOR FAIRYTALE EVEN A LITTLE BIT???? (please lie and say yes)


  1. Gah that snow trip accident sounds horrible. D: I hope your tailbone’s all better now. We don’t have snow in my country, but I have been through a ton of accidents that DON’T involve snow, although most of them have pretty stupid causes, so I’d rather not talk about those. xD And I’m definitely excited for Fairytale AHHH!!! Fairytale retellings are my favorite books to read! AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR COVER (I’M PRETTY SURE I’VE ALREADY SAID THIS BEFORE)!!

    1. Author

      Oh gosh, trust me, you’re NOT missing out on much with no snow. It’s pretty for about a day, and then you realize how much work it is!

      And omg, my cover is almost readyyyyyyy! It’s so beautiful I literally can’t believe it. It’s almost kind of frightening because I have to be certain anything I write is worthy of it O_o I hope I don’t let you down! Your enthusiasm fills me with so much hope! <3

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