My Upcoming Book Cover Reveal

My Upcoming Book Cover Reveal

My cover is coming!!!!

Alright, so bear with me guys, this post is going to be a little all over the place. To clarify, I am not posting my book cover reveal…YET! I still have a few more weeks left until I get to work with my amazing and talented cover designer. But but but! Stick around anyway! Because I’m going to talk about books! And covers! And really, really interesting things!

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Truthfully I just want to dance around and sing a little bit because designing the covers for my novels is quite possibly the most fun aspect of creating a book. I mean, after months of writing and weeks of editing…yeah. I’m ready to look at some pretty photos and hand the reins over to a professional for a while. For once I get to put my Boss hat on and pretend to tell someone else what to do. Except not, because I want my designer to like me and she’s so so skilled she undoubtedly knows way better than I do. But just let me pretend for a little bit, okay? Yes?

Though I reached out to her back in January, she was booked up until the middle of March, so I’ve been patiently biding my time until then. Truthfully, I’m glad for it, because as anxious as I am to GET STARTED RIGHT THIS SECOND, it’s given me more time to really do my research and see what’s going on in the world of YA/NA covers as well as what really speaks to me.

What to know what I learned? DO YOU? Of course you do, because I am wise and everybody loves lists! MWUAHAHAH! Okay, let’s get started.



Models on covers are hit or miss

Apparently, people hate this? I get it, you want to envision the character on your own and sometimes cover designers choose really inappropriate or just plain odd models. But how can you possibly hate a cover as beautiful as The Belles? I mean…have you seen it? This probably my biggest “rule” I’m breaking. I want pretty people on my covers and I’ve spent WAY TOO MANY hours searching for just the right ones NOT to use them.


YA books hate numbering series

No seriously, what’s up with this? I can’t tell you how much I HATE finding a book, thinking it’s a standalone because NOWHERE ON THE COVER DOES IT STATE IT’S A SERIES. Why do publishers do this? What is the purpose??? And then when I go to put my series on the shelf I have to LOOK UP what order they go in. OMG. Stop this. Please. You know who IS putting numbers on her books? This guy.


ย Illustrated covers are precious

I feel like there’s been a huge turn toward illustrated covers recently and I super, duper love it? Honestly, what kind of monster doesn’t? They’re quirky, unique and more often than not, really, really pretty. And I’m shallow and a certain level of pretty is basically all I require in a book cover, sooooo…yes, please. Hand them over.


We have a phenomenon of beheaded people walking around

Yeah. Okay. I get why publishers do this. And maybe people who hate models find this a nice alternative? I don’t know, but count me out. You get full people on my covers or NOTHING AT ALL. One or the other, man. I know what I want and when I want. Which is now. And right now, I just want to see covers with people without their heads being chopped in half.


Flowers are pretty rad

Seriously, people. Walking through the YA section is like taking a stroll through the most beautiful and impossibly lush garden in the world. There are so. Many. FLOWERS. I have some mega heart eyes on right now. Sometimes I just want to buy them all so I can set them around my house and have flowers all year round that will NEVER DIE from my horribly awful black thumb. That’s totally normal, right?


You can’t beat good old beautiful typography

Don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you that typography isn’t an art. It is. SO MUCH ART. And sadly, one that’s often undervalued until you’re stuckย with a basic Cinzel and can’t understand why your image is falling flat. It takes more than a well-placed drop-shadow for typography to work, and when a cover relies almost solely on beautiful words? Oof. That’s when the magic really happens.


There will always be girls in ballgowns

Are we a little sick of these by now? Yes. Are publishers going to keep pumping them out because trash like me can’t look past a gorgeous dress? Also yes. I won’t even sugarcoat it, I basically want all my covers to be some version of this and I don’t even care how utterly predictable that is (princesses in ballgowns? -gasp- revolutionary!) because that’s what being a writer is all about – living vicariously through your books.

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My, my, we are some picky little bunnies, aren’t we? But at least we’re CUTE, picky bunnies, because who ever heard of an UNcute bunny? Impossible.

So, the moral of this post? We like pretty covers and we want more of them. And also that I’m so unbelievably excited about my upcoming cover I can barely stop myself from screeching like a chupacabra at the top of my lungs for everyone in the tiniest corner of the earth to hear. Because everyone needs to know this. It’s happening, people, and it’s going to be SO GORGEOUS.

What do you love seeing on book covers? What would be your ideal cover, no matter the genre, audience, etc.? Are you even a LIIIIIITTLE bit excited to see the cover reveal for Fairytale!?!?!


  1. One of my main peeves in this category = covers that look all very pretty, but tell you VIRTUALLY NOTHING about the story inside. That’s a no-no-no. The cover is the book’s face — it should get to play a part in the storytelling!

    I love me some UNIQUE covers. And forest-y covers. And covers with cute, roguish-looking thief-type fellows upon them. And I mean, a stunning sword never gets old. Striking color contrast is also pleasing.

    May your own upcoming book cover delight you in all ways! (Cuz let’s be real: Getting major say in how your finished book baby looks is perhaps the top perk of independent publishing. ^o^)

    1. Author

      Yes! Who doesn’t love a good sword? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I admit, I’m partial to covers with a single object as the main focus (like a sword or a crown or a shoe), there’s something very striking about the symbolism and often the artwork is really pretty! Of course I’m spoiled and want ALL the details on my cover so I won’t be going that route haha. Maybe for a different series someday ๐Ÿ™‚

      You’re totally right, covers need to give SOME sort of idea about what’s actually going to happen in the book! I find that a lot of very popular authors do this, probably because people will just buy their books based on their name and don’t really need much convincing otherwise. I admit, for the longest time I thought Turtles All the Way Down by John Green was some boring memoir or dry adult “literature” because I hated the cover so much!

      Thank you! I can’t WAIT to see my cover all completed!!

  2. EEEEP I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR COVER REVEAL!!!! As a graphic design addict, I am obsessed with visuals and am going to be one of the first people to cheer you on when you get to the big reveal!!! *coughs nervously* ANYWAY, some of my personal cover faves are illustrated ones (especially if they come in cutesy pastel colors), typography (dude I want all those full fonts on my laptop but am not willing to spend a lot on them), and of course, I’m trash for the princesses in ballgowns, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Author

      THANK YOU!! Honestly, I literally want to scream because I am sooooo excited! This has been a long time coming and it’s all starting to feel so REAL!
      More covers definitely need cutesy pastels! <3 I think there's a stigma against them for being too girly or whatever, but hey, we already adore the fluffy ballgowns, let's get some pastels in there too!

  3. I’m totally excited to see your cover!! I LOVE the covers with tons of flowers and gorgeous fonts and just a lot going on. Minimalism is nice but I prefer like…the more the better.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚And bright colours that pop off the page!! The Belles cover is AMAZING. And Maggie Stiefvater’s covers are actually kiiiind of not super busy but always forever my favourites.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    1. Author

      I think The Belle’s cover pretty much embodies EVERYTHING I love about covers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Beautiful models, flowers, gorgeous dresses…ahhh, so lovely! I definitely admire the power a simple cover can convey, but I totally agree, for me, MORE is more!

    1. Author

      I’ve definitely come to appreciate typography WAY more ever since I really started studying covers with a more critical eye ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to share my reveal with you all!

  4. My favorites are usually either illustrated covers (like most MG novels omg they have such pretty covers) or the ones with fantastic typography.

    1. Author

      Yes! MG covers! Honestly, some MG books are soooooo pretty, they are definitely overlooked!

    1. Author

      I’ve actually not yet read it myself, but I’ve heard good things about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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