Monthly Book Draft Challenge 2018

Monthly Book Draft Challenge 2018

I’m back with another year of my Monthly Book Draft Challenge!

So, I’ve decided I actually really enjoy keeping track of my writing progress throughout the year, and I’m going to keep it up in 2018. I’ll stick to my same schedule of last year, and check in at the end of every month to see how I did, what I accomplished, and reflect a little bit on what’s going on in my life and how that affected my writing. I definitely feel like the new year is always a good time to clear out your head and try to discard all the negativity, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 2017 marked the start of a lot of changes for me, in terms of being an author, so I’m going to do all I can to hold onto that and make those changes even stronger going forward. So, up first, let’s check out what I accomplished my very first month!

Fairytale: 17k
Fairytale Edits: 51 pages/170 pages

As you can see, I’m doing things a tiny bit different this year. This is because this year I’ve added another element to my writing routine I didn’t have last year: editing.

2017 was the year of writing, writing, writing. But, sadly, being a writer isn’t just about writing. I know, it’s a little bit heartbreaking, but that’s the way it has to be. Because there’s so much else that goes into it. Editing. Re-writing. Polishing. READING. It’s all there.

So, because I’m a sad muffin that withers away when I’m not being praised, I decided I wanted to keep track of my editing progress as well. Because honestly, editing takes FOREVER. And it’s SO MUCH WORK. It’s not just adding commas and fixing typos guys. I wish it was, but it’s not. It’s going line by line by LINE and changing every other word and slashing out whole paragraphs and adding new chapters and all the while sobbing and wondering why you’re doing this to yourself. So. Yeah.

And I thought to myself, ‘Hm. If I only count my monthly progress by new words, it’s going to look like I did almost nothing. When in reality, I’m editing right now and doing EVERYTHING. And the world needs to know that. Otherwise, they’ll think I’m lazy, and that’s just sad.’ And you don’t want me to be sad. Trust me.

So what happened this month?

  • I officially started editing Fairytale on January 19th! Trust me, this was not an easy thing to do because I was actually in a really good writing groove and I didn’t want to stop. I felt like I was a crossroads, do I catch my writing wave while it was strong, or focus on my original plan of polishing up Fairytale? I chose Fairytale. I can only hope that once I return to my regular writing schedule that motivation will still be there.
  • I booked my cover designer!! Oh my gosh, I wanted to keep this a secret for a little while longer, but I just can’t! I will be working with her sometime in mid-March and I’m basically flopping around like a seal out of pure excitement at this point. She’s so skilled and her work is absolutely beautiful and omgggg. More details to come, but for now, I’m still going to try to keep things under wrap. Omg. Please be excited.
  • I’m on the hunt for editors. Oy. This is scary. I’ve kept an eye out for potential authors for a few months now, but I’m finally nearing the point where they’re not just a faraway dream anymore. They’re a very real, very CLOSE MONSTER.  I’m terrified ya’ll. I’m honestly not sure me or my precious baby manuscript can handle the red pen of doom.

So that’s January! Not too shabby, am I right? While editing is taking a tiny bit longer than anticipated, the goal is to get the rest of my second and third rounds complete by the end of February. I miss writing though, I can feel the anticipation building up, so I can only hope that desire is only going to push me to work faster. In the meantime, like I said before, I focus on the good. The good of all this is that I’m AWESOME. Yes I am. Thank you very much.

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Are you ready to tackle your 2018 writing goals!? Are you feeling refreshed by the new year? How did January go for you? CAN YOU BELIEVE JANUARY IS ALREADY OVER!?!?!?


    1. Author

      Thank you! I’ve got 11 more long months ahead of me to keep going 🙂 Best of luck with your writing! You can do it!!

  1. I think it’s fabulous that you are tracking your writing and editing progress as the year goes on. I hope that your editing will go great, I’m soooo nervous to get started with it soon 😂 Best of luck !!

    1. Author

      I’m glad you like it! I definitely love the word counter the NaNoWriMo gives you during November, so I thought this was a fun way of keeping that tradition alive 😉 Best of luck on your edits!! You can DO IT!!!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed by how much you got done this month! And I’m proud of you for bringing out the red pen! Ooh…and a cover? *fangirls quietly*. I love COVERS!!!!

    1. Author

      Editing is sooo terrifying, but also really exciting too?? It’s finally starting to feel like a REAL book!

      I LOVE COVERS TOOOOO <3 Omg, I seriously want to explode with anticipation!! I'll probably do one more teaser post before my cover reveal because I can't stop thinking about it!!

  3. Aauaughhhhh editing! Isn’t it the worst? You have to step back out of this beautiful world and away from the beautiful people and look at your novel more like a mathematical problem. The longest word problem ever. I almost always just end up rewriting the book – 95% – when I go into the first round of edits. 🙁

    Be brave. Be strong. I’m sure it will be amazing. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your cover reveal! 😀

    1. Author

      It’s definitely NOT like I imagined. I literally feel like I’m re-writing just about every other sentence, if not more! @_@ Oof. But it’s getting there…slowly. It WILL be worth it in the end! I will keep trying my best and won’t let you down 😉

      I’m sooooo excited to share my cover! Aaaaaah!! Keep your eyes peeled! 😀

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