Crucible : Synopsis

Crucible : Synopsis

Have I mentioned that writing synopsis’ is hard?

Because it is. Like, really, really hard. For some reason trying to condense 60k+ words down to a couple of a paragraphs is ridiculously difficult. Who knew? Oh, and it not only has to be short, but also interesting, snappy, and not give too much information away. Yeah. I know. My life is so difficult.

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Ahem. I know I could just be patient and wait until I have a super amazing synopsis to share with you, but I won’t lie, I’m just kind of in love with this novel, okay? I’ve been so excited to work on it for months, and now that November is here I need EVERYONE TO KNOW. By the way, have you heard about my NaNo novel yet?

You want to know more? Of course you do. (at least nod and pretend, I’m a delicate flower)

1918. As a soldier in the Queen’s Royal Army, Tin would do just about anything to protect his country, including serving in the private platoon of the violent, albeit handsome, Prince Tulio. But a secret training mission in the desert quickly goes astray when they are attacked by the enemy. The platoon is left in shambles.

Stranded in the wilderness that borders the enemy’s base, Tin refuses to abandon the mission, even as the Prince leads them further away from home.The war against magic has taken a new, even more deadly turn, and with the Queen’s health in rapid decline, time is not on their side.

The Great War on Magic. 1918. A child of combat and propaganda, Tin has known nothing but the desire to protect his country for his entire life. With his mechanical leg and insatiable lust for justice (among other things), he serves as a proud soldier of the Royal Army. Eager to defend, he readily accepts being drafted into the crown prince’s private platoon.

(never quite finished this one)

Destruction… Chaos… Magic. But magic for whom? Mankind? The Gods? Tin has found himself wading through these waters, a child of combat and propaganda, now eager to defend his country and her beliefs. Serving in the private platoon of the Queen’s Royal Army, piloted by the vicious Prince Tulio, Tin defends against the onslaught of the Magical Manipulators. The war on magic has taken a new, deadly turn. And with the Queen’s health in rapid decline, time is not on their side.

Oh boy. Do you see what I’m working with here? Yeah, I’m not gonna lie on this one, it just ain’t pretty. At least I’m honest. But in the end it will all be worth it because Crucible is too amazing NOT to give it my all. Trust me, you’re gonna love it.

Other facts about Crucible:

  • Tin is bisexual and thoroughly unashamed about it
  • Two central characters have prosthetic limbs
  • Lots of fire and flooding
  • Prince Tulio isn’t really violent or vicious, he’s just misunderstood, okay?
  • He’s also legitimately chubby and unbelievably handsome
  • Mostly everyone just really needs a lot of hugs and chocolate chip cookies

Have you practiced writing blurbs or synopsis’? DO YOU HATE IT AS MUCH AS I DO??? Do you have any tips or tricks? 


  1. I used to write my own synopsis for every book I reviewed, and while not exactly comparable to having to write a review for your own book, I understand the struggle! I could never think of the right words to pique the audience’s interest while remaining spoiler-free and avoiding asking too many questions. Congratulations on your own novel though, it sounds intriguing and I think you did a lovely job with your synopsis!

    claire @ clairefy

    1. Author

      Oh wow, even trying to write synopsis for someone else’s book still drives me up the wall! I commend your dedication! It’s definitely a *highly* overlooked skill-set. I can only hope with time I slowly start to get the hang of it, right now my meager attempts are a bit lackluster. I am happy you like it though! I love this novel so much and I hope to do it justice!

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