Monthly Book Draft Challenge : October

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : October

The end of the year is nigh!!

Seriously, what is happening with the world? October is already over, NaNoWriMo is literally lurking right around the corner and then comes the beautiful glittery catastrophe that is December. What? Then it’s over? No more 2017?


Okay, it’s fine. I’m not panicking. Are you panicking. WHOSE PANICKING???

Let’s take a breath. Aside from the fact that October is GONE, that also means I can check in on my Monthly Book Draft Challenge! I had a bit of a major crash last month, but with NaNo coming up I knew I needed to pull myself out of my slump. Let’s see if I was successful.

Ocean’s Daughter: 0k
Spellbound: 12k

Total: 12k

Alrighty! Since Fairytale and Gingerbread are officially complete, I’ve decided to stop counting them on my chart, at least until I get to editing them next year. So that leaves Ocean’s Daughter and Spellbound! Yes! I officially started working on Spellbound this month! While 12k isn’t my most impressive output, I’m actually sort of shocked by it. To be honest, it sort of feels like I’ve been working on Ocean’s Daughter for forever, and never making any progress. Then for one month I work on Spellbound and I already have over half its word count? Huh. Something’s not adding up.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Ocean’s Daughter. I feel like I’m constantly fighting it, and…why? Obviously I loved it enough to completely restart it a few months ago, so what’s the real problem here? I might have to dig a little deeper on this one, but in any case, I’m extremely excited that I began working on Spellbound! It not only allows me to revisit some of my favorite characters from Fairytale, but it’s also an opportunity to work through some things that are very personal to me.

So what happened this month?

  • Although I technically moved house last month, it’s been a long process. Like…a long process. Turns out the house has quite a few problems we hadn’t anticipated, and it put a huge roadblock in our transition of actually moving in. The chaos and stress of working through these obstacles put a huge damper on my writing enthusiasm.
  • My dogs both got sick. I know, I’m an awful, awful furbaby mother. Because of the issues with the house, my two girls had been staying at my mothers house and getting into all sorts of things. Turns out, just because dogs can eat oranges, doesn’t mean they should.
  • Halloweeeeeeeeen. It’s coming. It’s here. Omg.

Wow. I think I just sprouted about twenty-seven gray hairs. Eesh. Alright November, bring it on.

Did you have a spooky October? Are you all ready and prepared for NaNoWriMo? ARE YOU PANICKING YET?!?


  1. Eeek not really ready for the end of the year. *flaps about wildly* I mean 2017 hasn’t been the BEST year ever 😂 but I’m still not read for 2018!! AHH!! (Or Christmas…why.) But so much YAY for NaNo coming and also that’s awesome you got 12K done despite all the house moving and sick furbabies. (I am sad for your dogs but I do understand…I think my dog would eat literally anything and kill himself if left alone too long.😭) So hurrah for your word count and I hope November is really great and productive for you. 😀

    1. Author

      Yeeeeeah, 2017 has been, um, interesting to say the least, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready for it to end! There’s still so much to DO!! At least I’m happy with what I *have* managed to achieve, and hoping November will be just as productive. Best of luck when you have time to start on NaNo, I’m super excited to hear all the details (and maybe read some snippets 🙂 )when you’re done!!

      *Oh, and my two dorky puppers are all better now! <3

  2. That’s a cool idea, keeping track of all your WIPs like this and having monthly goals. I always tell myself I’ll create writing goals and then it never happens. xD So my “goals” usually end up being “write some, pleaseee.”

    But I’m panicking too! NaNoWriMo is upon us and I’m already not starting off well. Earlier today I was 3,702 words behind but now I’m 2,433 words behind. Better but still not good. I’m also panicking about the year being so close to ending (and isn’t Daylight Saving Time on Saturday? So soon! What’s going on?). Each year feels quicker than the last. I always want to accomplish so much but instead I accomplish a tiny little bit. Here’s to hoping next year will be more eventful!

    Good luck to you during the month of NaNoWriMo! ^_^

    1. Author

      I’m glad you like it! I’ve always loved the word tracker on the NaNoWriMo website, and I was bummed I couldn’t find anything as pretty and easy to use anywhere free online. So this is what I came up with…it might not be SUPER fancy, but it gets the job done 😉

      And I believe in you!! The month is still young, we can still prevail!! Every year I try to remind myself that it’s a journey, not a race (as much as it may feel otherwise), so even if it takes a little bit longer to reach the end, the point is that we’re still trying and not giving up! I hope you managed to catch up, or are still enjoying the ride! 🙂 Hopefully that extra hour of sleep will help give a little boost of energy 😀

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