7/7/7/7 Challenge : Gingerbread

7/7/7/7 Challenge : Gingerbread

Do you remember how a few days ago I finished writing Gingerbread?

I do.

And in honor of completing my first draft, I wanted to share another snippet! I already did the 7/7/7/7 Challenge for Fairytale (you can read it here), so I figured I would stick with it for Gingerbread as well. Hopefully once I get it more cleaned up and edited, I’ll be able to choose some really excited passages to share, but for now, let’s take the guesswork out of it. (plus I’m a scared bunny and what if you hate what I chose myself? Let’s not even go there…)


7/7/7/7 Challenge: flip to the seventh page of your work-in-progress, count down to the seventh line on the page, and share the next seven lines. Then, invite seven other writers to share their writing, too!

That’s all there is to it!

Gingerbread 7/7/7/7 Chalenge

Slowly she exhaled, and picked up her skirts, and continued her way down toward the front door. It would be alright, she had so many layers on, if she walked carefully, he would never have to know at all. It was the perfect solution.

She touched the doorknob just as another sharp knock rattled out. She drew back her shoulders and pulled it open.

A tall, thin man with a goatee and wearing the royal uniform stood on her front step. She stared at him blankly, and he looked a bit startled.

“Oh, I uh, good morning Miss. Is the lady of the house present?”

“Yes,” Gingerbread tilted her head back just so, trying to ignore as the unwound curls continued to fall down her back, “That would be me.”

Okay, so maybe my seventh page isn’t the most exciting piece of writing in the world. But I admit, it’s fun following the rules and seeing where I wind up!

As before, please remember this is completely unedited (and I can already see 2038463 things I need to fix ohgod), and I’m bearing my ripped open, raw, beating heart to you people. Ew. Okay, basically this is a personal part of me. I’m happy to share it, excited even, but I’m also still very nervous. I know that as a writer I have to force myself to let people read what I write, and I’m happy I have this baby step to help me along the way.

I hope you liked it!

Take the 7/7/7/7 Challenge! I’d love to read your work! How much writing do you tend to share with others?

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