Monthly Book Draft Challenge : August

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : August

Another month down, only four more to go!

That’s right, we’re moving into the last quarter of the year! Wow, it sounds a little freaky when I say it that way. Let’s not dwell on the freaky. You know what we should dwell on instead? This month’s monthly book draft challenge! Let’s check in!

Fairytale: 3k
Gingerbread: 8k
Ocean’s Daughter: 0

Total: 11k

Yup. Just about what I expected. I’ve noticed that on my slower months I tend to average about 11-12k, so this seems to fit in with that trend. I already was prepared for a minimal output, so I’m not that surprised I only pulled in 11k this month.

So what happened this month?

  • My husband and I went to Oregon! This was a completely unrelated to writing in any way, but it definitely was a pretty exciting vacation for me! Although we were only gone 5 days, I knew it would put a pretty big delay on my writing progress. That’s okay, the trip was well worth it!
  • I finally returned to working on Fairytale. After my hard drive crashed last month, I admit I’ve been avoiding it for a while. But decided enough time had passed, the stung had worn off, and I was going to have to rewrite everything I had lost.
  • I finished the first draft of Fairytale!!!! Oh wait, you already knew that.

All in all, even though this may not have been the most productive month in terms of word output, I’m feeling pretty good anyway. After all, balance with other aspects of my life are important too, and as passionate as I am about writing, I need to ensure I don’t drown in it. I’ve learned too many times how easy it is to become so swallowed up by my passions I lose sight of everything else, and soon enough I’m completely burnt out. I feel this year I’ve done a pretty good job keeping myself in check and while I might be slowing down, my inspiration and desire to write is as strong as ever!

How do you balance writing and the rest of your life? Do you have any other passions? How has your writing been going now that summer’s over?

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