7/7/7/7 Challenge : Fairytale

7/7/7/7 Challenge : Fairytale

So, have you heard I finished my first draft of Fairytale?

Because I totally have, in case you were interested and wanted to check it out. Or not, that’s cool too. You do you, boo. But if you were even remotely interested, read on my fine, furry friend, read on.

I celebration of my first draft, I wanted to share a small snippet of my novel. But sharing writing is scary. After all, what if it’s awful? Or boring? What if it’s filled with grammar errors and typos? How much do I share? Will people thinking I’m being narcissistic?


So I turned to the world wide web to help me out, and of course I should have known the answer would be waiting for me-in a meme no less. I quickly discovered the 7/7/7/7 Challenge, and it was the answer to all of my very important questions

But first-

What is the 7/7/7/7 Challenge?

7/7/7/7 Challenge: flip to the seventh page of your work-in-progress, count down to the seventh line on the page, and share the next seven lines.  Then, invite seven other writers to share their writing, too!

That’s all there is to it! 7 lines isn’t too horrible, right? And it takes all the guess work out of it for me in figuring out where or what to start. Of course, this IS still a first draft and there probably (definitely) are still typos and grammatical errors…

But whatever! Let’s be crazy! Let’s grab life by the horns! Let’s fly right off the handle!

Are you with me!?

Fairytale 7/7/7/7 Challenge


Slowly Killian turned the mirror between his fingers, but it had no discernable markings or design. He glanced at the surrounding snow, but there was nothing else out of the ordinary, and his bare fingers quickly grew numb against the frozen metal.

A sharp wind picked up, slicing even through his coat, and Killian hurried up the steps, back to the ballroom. The gentle, lilting music instantly enveloped him as he stepped inside, but he hugged the wall, still examining the small mirror in his palm, though he couldn’t help but to take a moment to inspect his own reflection and brush back a lock of dark auburn hair that had fallen out of place.


Huh. Okay, maybe that was sort of a letdown.

But for me, as the one who wrote that letdown, it’s still pretty darn terrifying putting myself out there. I think I need to start slow, and perhaps (maybe? probably?) I’ll share more (interesting) snippets later. After all, Fairytale is just beginning it’s loooong journey of editing and revisions, so it can only get better from here!

Have you ever heard of the 7/7/7/7 Challenge before? Either way, I tag YOU! 

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