Fairytale – First Draft Complete!

Fairytale – First Draft Complete!

The first draft of Fairytale is complete!!

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Yes, you read that correctly. As of August 23rd, 2017 the very first, COMPLETE first draft of my Beauty and the Beast retelling has been finished! It clocked in just a smidge under 60 thousand words, and is the very first novel in my official lineup for The Pixie Chronicles.

To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I have worked on this novel on and off again for the past 8 months, and have been dreaming about it even longer. It’s my baby. But more than that, it’s my proof to myself that I can actually be a writer. Printing out my manuscript, holding it in my hand and knowing I am the one who created it is quite possible one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever experienced. it’s solid proof that hours of work and determination does pay off.

I know, I know, all aboard on the Cheesy Train. But I can’t help it, this first draft is the physical realization of a dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember.


  • I’m going to ignore my first draft. I know, it’s kind of impossible because I’m so obsessed with it right now, but I’m going to lock my hard copy away and hide all my digital files out of sight. Why? Because I need to get it away from my brain for awhile before I start editing. I know some folks have the magical ability to dive right in as soon as the first draft is done (some people even edit AS THEY WRITE, but I don’t personally know of such heathens), but I need to step away for a bit so I can edit it with fresh eyes.
  • It’s time to get back to Gingerbread! let us not forget, my Hansel and Gretel retelling, Gingerbread, is also almost complete! Oh my goodness, so soon I might have TWO complete first drafts? Excuse me while I pull up my fainting couch.

I know this is a bit of a short post, but what else is there to say other than OMG FAIRYTALE IS COMPLETE!! Get ready folks, because there is a LOT more Beauty and the Beast goodness still coming your way!

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What’s the very first novel you’ve ever completed? How did it feel? Are you still working on your first novel? Tell me about your progress!

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