Ocean’s Daughter : Synopsis

Ocean’s Daughter : Synopsis

If ever there was a novel that made me want to bash my skull in, this is it.

Okay, let’s be clear, I still love this novel. It’s my precious, wonderful brainchild. You know, that precious child with the third eye and purple skin. The one everyone just kind of looks at and goes ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Yeah, it’s that child.

Truthfully, I don’t know what really possessed me to try to write a Little Mermaid story this early in the game. If I’m being honest, I’ve never been the hugest fan of the classic Little Mermaid story (or any of it’s various portrayals), probably because I just plain don’t like the ocean itself. But for some reason, last November I got it into my head that I was going to write a Little Mermaid retelling, and nothing could talk me out of it. So there.

Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure Tumblr is what did me in. Someone has shared this really amazing piece of artwork featuring an ichthyocentaur (look it up. Please.), and my brain sort of took notice and somehow convinced itself that writing about one of these things was a good idea. Go figure.

So here I am. A third of the way into my Little Mermaid retelling and I often feel like I’m drowning (get it? hahaha-so funny). But it’s a good kind of drowning. Like I said, I DO love this novel, even when it doesn’t love me back. Maybe you will too?

1917. With his 25th birthday on the horizon, Prince Wolfgang knows he is rapidly running out of time to find himself a bride. When Princess Avalon arrives in his kingdom, he is taken aback by her proposal for marriage, and even more so startled by her choice of an engagement gift. A mermaid.

The ocean-bound creature is hauntingly beautiful, even trapped within its cage of glass. Unlike anything he’s ever seen before, Wolfgang is captivated by its chilling stare. Yet before he can accept the Princess’s offer, a terrible storm overtakes the kingdom, nearly destroying his castle in its wake and sending both Prince and mermaid back into the icy depths of the ocean.

When he eventually awakens, Wolfgang finds himself not only transformed but in a world unlike any other. An ancient magic lurks in the darkest parts of the sea, wrought with shattered souls and broken hearts, and it’s been reawakened in the midst of the storm. Far from home, Wolfgang must learn to navigate the waters to seek out a powerful and ancient deity known as the Ocean’s Daughter to restore what was taken from him.

Have I mentioned that synopsis writing is hard? Because let me repeat myself: SYNOPSIS WRITING IS HARD.

And I’m probably being really hard on this novel. It’s not awful, I swear. But I think it senses my reluctance to work on it, and therefore presents me with 28462 new problems every time I try to work on it.

Some other facts about Ocean’s Daughter:

  • it’s not just about mermaids
  • there’s monsters
  • and ghosts
  • features a gay protagonist
  • his name is Wolfgang
  • that’s all you need to know. Wolfgang. Yes.

I’m coming to grips with the fact that this novel will probably take me longer than usual to write. I have this sort of rule that I only work on something if I’m truly in love with it (even the icky, boring parts) because otherwise my reluctance will show in my writing. I NEVER want a reader to sense boredom in my writing, so I need to be mindful of my writing process.

The passion for this novel comes and goes, and when it’s here I jump on it while I can. Sometimes it’s gone for a while, but that initial spark is always there. In the end, I’m confident my method will only make my writing stronger.

Do you like mermaids? Or the ocean? Why, when it smells like fish? 

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