Monthly Book Draft Challenge : May

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : May

Another month has gone by, so time to check in on my Monthly Book Draft Challenge!

I feel like I got into a pretty good groove this month and I’m excited to see the results, so let’s just jump right to it.

Fairytale: 15k
Gingerbread: 18k
Ocean’s Daughter: 0k

Total: 33k

Wowza! Yes! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Without a doubt, this has been my most productive month yet! 33 thousand beautiful new words, almost double my initial output when I first began this challenge! I’m still aiming to reach the elusive 50k words in a month that NaNoWriMo likes to dangle in front of me, and with this kind of progress I may just be well on my way.

So what happened this month?

  • Somehow, by the grace and wonder of the writing muses, I slipped into a pretty productive groove of accomplishing approximately 2k words a day. How? Well, I try not to question these thing too much.
  • Of course I still wasn’t able to write much on the weekends.  I still had days of barely making 500-1k, but overall I think it evened from the days I was able to somehow accomplish 2k.
  • I’m nearing the end of Fairytale! At this point, I think it might need approximately 10k more words for the first draft to be complete! After that, it looks like Gingerbread is also nearing its end. I’m estimating an additional 15-18k words
  • I still haven’t worked too much on Ocean’s Daughter. It’s always sort of in the back of mind, but this month I really focused on Fairytale and Gingerbread instead. I think once they’re near completely I’ll get back to tackling Ocean’s Daughter and evaluate where I want to go from there.

Here’s to hoping for another productive month. In June I’ll be taking a mini vacation for a couple days for my birthday, so I expect my output might not be quite so high, but I’m not going to let those negative thoughts eat away at me. May was a fantastic month for my writing and I look forward to any future progress I make.

Things are coming together and it’s all really quite exciting!

What’s been your most efficient writing month? How many words did you reach? Did you change your habits or routine to obtain your writing goal? 

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