Monthly Book Draft Challenge : March

Monthly Book Draft Challenge : March

It’s the end of the month, and time to check in on my Monthly Book Draft Challenge!

As usual, I am comparing my progress of words from this month to last month’s word count. I find I’m really enjoying this process, since it gives me a nice visual way to reflect on my writing habits, process and goals. (Plus who doesn’t like pretty graphs?)

Fairytale: 8k
Gingerbread: 4k
Ocean’s Daughter: 0

Total: 12k


Wow, to be perfectly honest, I had no idea I had written that much this month! Sure, I know 12k isn’t super amazing, and it doesn’t quite level up to my 16k of last month, but admittedly, I was expecting a much lower word count for this month.

So what happened this month? 

  • As excited as I was to throw myself into writing, I feel like it was all a little too much at once. I started to feel a little burnt out as I ran into a wall with my progress in Fairytale. Gaping plot holes threatened to swallow me whole, and more and more unanswered questions continued to crop up as I stumbled along.
  • Real life issues  and obstacles demanded my attention. As much as I’d like to say I can write through anything, that’s a lie. Family and friends come first, and if that means putting my writing on hold, so be it.

So for about a week or two, I took a small break from writing.

I needed to get out of my writers brain and focus on the real world. I admit, I was afraid my progress would come to a screeching halt and once again I’d let my goal slip through my fingers.

But that didn’t happen.

Even though my word count wasn’t increasing, I never let my novels fall from my mind. I created aesthetic boards on Pinterest. I outlined future novels. I solved a few plot holes. I drew some of my favorite characters.

Basically, I let myself breathe. While I was so nervous about losing inspiration, it turned out that by not focusing so much on writing I was able to let my imagination take over. I’ve just returned back to writing and it’s going even better than before!

For now I’ve decided for now Fairytale rest a bit more, but I’m not going to beat myself up over that. Instead I’ll be working on Gingerbread, and it’s exciting to get back to something I haven’t really touched much in the past few months. After all, the goal is ultimately to WRITE, and all of these novels are equally special. I know I won’t abandon Fairytale, and will return to it once the time is right.

I’m happy that these monthly graphs are already giving me something to look forward to. Initially I was a little worried they would increase the self-pressure of a deadline, but it’s actually pretty exciting to see how much I’ve accomplished, and to figure out what’s stopping me from doing more. With Camp NaNo right around the corner, I’m hoping April will be a great writing month.


How did your writing go for the Month of March? Did you run into any roadblocks along the way? How do you feel about taking breaks? 

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