Fairytale : Synopsis

Fairytale : Synopsis

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at my very first novel, Fairytale.

Fairytale is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and admittedly probably my favorite project at the moment. Beauty and the Beast has always been a special story to me, and I absolutely love the characters I’m working with. I’m very excited to see this novel through to completion and to share the process here as I work my way through it.

So today, I wanted to give a brief overview of my own version of Beauty and the Beast! Let me be frank however, synopsis writing is HARD, and this is probably my 213th attempt at writing it. Will it be my last? Who knows.  For now, let’s just go with it.

1916. For the first time in his life, Prince Killian of Astrocia is dreading the upcoming worldwide Peace Festival. The only heir to the throne, he yearns for an escape from an arranged engagement, and he quickly finds it in the alluring gaze of the mysterious Duke Fedya.

Captivated by the Duke’s secrecy, Killian is willing to do just about anything to escape the restraints of marriage and duty – even make a deal with a fairy. With the gift of an enchanted rose, Killian is determined to forsake his destiny, even at the risk of the ultimate disgrace.

But the disgrace falls upon Duke Fedya as what was once a wish turns into a curse and the darkness can no longer be concealed. As Fedya loses himself more and more to the beast within, Killian seeks to save the man he might just grow to love.

I know, “Peace Ball” is just a little bit cringe-worthy. But like I said, let’s just go with it, okay?

I wanted this synopsis to say Beauty and the Beast without falling into overused tropes, which I think I somewhat accomplished. But it was so tricky trying not to give too much away when in reality I just want to share ALL things! “What things?” you might ask? Well let’s see…

Some other facts about Fairytale:

  • is not set on Earth but a magical world called Pixie
  • features a gay protagonist
  • and a PoC protagonist
  • magical roses
  • lots of blood and sharp things
  • libraries
  • fluffy boys and stabby girls

Are you excited yet? I’m excited. I’m VERY excited.

What’s your favorite fairy-tale? Do you like Beauty and the Beast? Have you read any good re-tellings lately?

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