The Pixie Chronicles

The Pixie Chronicles

It’s time to start making dreams come true. It’s time to start writing The Pixie Chronicles.

If you’re here, you can probably relate to my story: you’ve dreamed of being a published author since childhood, yet were always being too afraid to take that final plunge. You weren’t a good enough writer yet. You weren’t old enough. You didn’t have enough experience or knowledge or time.

This has been my story for a long time. I’ve watched from the sidelines for many years, always hoping I would reach that perfect place in my life where I finally felt ready to seriously pursue my goal.

To be perfectly honest, it still isn’t the right time. Only now, I’m not going to allow that to hold me back.

Like many aspiring authors, I have an arsenal of novels constantly stirring my imagination. Some of them are half-written, even more are outlined, and almost none complete. It’s time to change that. It’s time to take the reins on my dream, on my life, and chase after what I really want.

After a lot of research and soul searching I’ve decided to pursue the path of indie publishing. At the moment my primary focus will be on a set of novels I call The Pixie Chronicles.

The Pixie Chronicles will be a series of (very) loosely related fairy-tale re-tellings, aimed for a YA/NA audience. I absolutely love fairy-tales, but I realize that despite their growing popularity, the diversity among their characters tends to be pretty limited. So with that in mind, my goal is to create a world of magic featuring characters that aren’t all white, straight and able-bodied.

To start, I am working on three novels based after Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. But this is just the beginning! I already have plenty of plans to grow this collection with so many more fairy-tales including Red Riding Hood, The Tin Soldier and The Swan Princess.

Unfortunately this is not my day job, and I’m prepared for a long road ahead of me into seeing these novels through to the end. That’s okay. I’ve already begun working on a few and I won’t stop until I achieve my goal.

To keep me going, I whipped up a few book covers!

Make no mistake, I’m definitely no graphic artist! These covers are merely temporary stand-ins I created using free stock photos and, but it’s what they represent that really matters. They’re a murky glimpse of what could someday become a reality. They show my name on the front of a novel.

They’re a promise to myself.

Let’s get started.

Are you afraid of following your writing dreams too? What’s been holding you back? Are you ready to take the plunge with me? 

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